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Flats-No-More "Roc Barrier" is the Worlds fastest, Lightest and most lee expensive Oil Spill rapid Resonse Oil Spill Boom ever.

Flats-No-More on the web "Roc Barrier" Rapid Response system has taken oil spills reponse to a 30 second spill boom release in stead of 8 to 10 hours with the old outdated conventional yellow/heavy boom . A Girl Scout can now handle a spill such as the Exon "Valdez" with no help for less tha $1500.00 instead of 600 million dollars and the fines that are still coming. Check out our web site at flats-no-more and click on the (Rapid Response System" to watch) at the top of the page when it opens. 251/802-5861. International patents pending!!!!